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Engagement Rings For Someone Special

1. Perfectly Imperfect, 11 Years After the Wedding

I received my engagement ring after 11 years of marriage. I always wanted a rough diamond and my husband gave me one for my 51st birthday — just the stone. We took it to the jeweler who designed our wedding rings and he worked with me to design the ring of my dreams. Set in rose gold and platinum and surrounded by a halo of tiny white diamonds, it fits between my 24 carat gold band and platinum and diamond band. It symbolizes our relationship: imperfect, raw, beautiful, strong.

2. Inspiration From the 16th Century

Diamonds were never my best friend. I have always thought them too obvious. So when I had to make a decision about what type of engagement ring I would wear, my jewelry designer (Tammy Kohl of Takohl Fine Jewelry in Chicago) gave me the perfect idea. “How about something from the past, really far back.” Intrigued, I followed her to her desk where she had an illustration of a 16th-century Italian wedding ceremony.

Jewelry Collections In Paris

PARIS — Like the clothes that swirl down the catwalks during the couture shows, the haute joaillerie collections unveiled during the week were shimmering meditations on the work done by hand.

Take Harumi Klossowska de Rola’s “Retour D’Expedition,” a collection of 15 jewels and seven decorative objects presented until Feb. 1 at L’École Van Cleef & Arpels, the education arm of the fine jewelry brand. On display was an exactingly carved bejeweled menagerie in motion, including a bracelet of a cat catching his tail, forged from ivory and white gold with an ebony, white and yellow diamond finish, and a large, owl-shaped single earring with quivering feathers crafted from discs of 24-karat gold. There also was a formidable trio of eagle-head rings, carved from Ankole cow horn or petrified wood, with gold and diamond intrusions.

About Experimenting With 3-D Jewelry

Over the last decade 3-D printers have become an established part of the jeweler’s tool kit, a fast and efficient way of testing designs and offering customization to consumers. A number of designers are now pushing the boundaries of the technology and finding that it opens new doors to realizing their creativity.

When Alice Cicolini and Melanie Georgacopoulos decided to embark on a collaborative project that focused on design experimentation rather than commerce, they chose 3-D printing specifically because neither was familiar with it. “We wanted to challenge ourselves,” said Ms. Georgacopoulos, who, like Ms. Cicolini, is a London-based designer and goldsmith.

“3-D printing is becoming embedded in the industry as a useful tool, and we wanted to explore whether it can print an object that you can just pick up and wear,” Ms. Cicolini said, adding: “It was important for both of us that we would make something that we couldn’t create any other way.”

Indeed, Ms. Cicolini’s

Title: How to Save for an Engagement Ring

Congratulations on deciding to get engaged. Everyone knows that with the engagement comes the dazzling diamond ring. This piece of jewelry signifies your dedication to your future spouse. Therefore, you want it to really stand out.

According to The Knot, in 2016 the average cost of an engagement ring was $6,163. That’s a pretty big price tag for one item, so it requires you to save a lot to afford it. In order to reach your engagement cost goals, you have to set a plan in motion.

Know Your Fiancée’s Personality

Not every woman or man likes expensive jewelry. They prefer minimalistic accessories or no jewelry at all. He or she might also just want to invest in a nice honeymoon instead of some sparkling bling. Therefore, before you spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring, make sure an expensive diamond is what your future spouse wants.

Find the Ring

Sit down and imagine the perfect ring for your fiancée. Prior to picking out a ring, have a discussion with your girlfriend about the design she would like, or her dream engagement ring. Avoid spoiling the surprise by bringing it up

A Personal Connection In Jewelry

Julie Pellerin lives with her boyfriend at his stud farm in Normandy, has an apartment in Paris and adores New York.

So when a friend of her family gave her a bracelet in the shape of the Manhattan skyline, she was thrilled. “So many people have all the same jewelry,” Ms. Pellerin, 24, said, “but this you don’t see on everybody.”

The friend was the jeweler, sculptor and artist Mia Fonssagrives-Solow, and Ms. Pellerin has turned to her since to create more highly personal, one-of-a-kind pieces, including two wide cuffs. One was in black stingray; the other, silver leather, and both have silhouettes of horses crafted in sterling silver prancing around their circumferences to reflect Ms. Pellerin’s love of horses. (She rides competitively and often travels to watch equestrian events.)

“When I wear them, so many people ask about them,” Ms. Pellerin said, twisting her arms to show off the cuff on each one. “When you have special jewelry, people are attracted to it.”

It’s little wonder bespoke jewelry is becoming

About Life in Art Jewelry

It started almost as a whimsy. Then it took over her life.

For Louisa Guinness, jewelry made by artists is more than just adornment. Her gallery in the Mayfair district of London is a mecca for those who love such style. She frequently commissions pieces from contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Claude LaLanne, Marc Quinn and Ron Arad and works closely with them on the designs. She has curated art jewelry exhibitions for Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery in London and is curating another for Jacob Rothschild, to open at his Waddesdon Manor museum, in Buckinghamshire, in March.

But her life didn’t start this way. Ms. Guinness, who was born in Ireland, spent nearly 20 years in the finance world, first in London and then in Hong Kong and New York, before returning to Britain in 2000. “I needed a break,” she recalled. “I didn’t know what it was I wanted to do, but I knew somehow it should be with art, or jewelry and art.”

In 2003, she and her husband, the art dealer Ben Brown,

Gems Jewelry in Between Book Covers

The Traditional Wedding Jewelry is Back in Style

Tassels hung from the disc-like headpiece, called a tassa, tinkling like wind chimes when they touched and looking something like a golden waterfall, interspersed with pearls and flashes of red and green stones. The pearls are real, and important gems, Ayesha Al Khoori, 25, said — but the stones, she added with a smile, “don’t have to be real, because no one cares about these.”

Ms. Al Khoori and her mother, Fatima, 54, were unpacking the 21-karat gold pieces from a number of small boxes, including a circular blue Harrods box no longer full of milk chocolate truffles: five bracelets, a ring for each finger, earrings, a belt, a long necklace accented with gold discs and a large pendant, and a choker.

In all, the collection weighed more than four and a half pounds. “You sit like that,” Fatima Al Khoori said, laughing as she pulled herself into a rigid pose.

The Emirati jewelry, worn by a bride at her henna party a few days before the wedding, has been regaining favor among young Emirati women,

The Crystal Healing Jewelry

There is a great variety of gemstone jewelry available today. The first recorded use of jewelry as a form of personal adornment was composed of organic Nassarius shell beads which date back approximately 100,000 years. Scholars believe that the use of gemstones in jewelry can be traced to the biblical story of Aaron’s breastplate, which was a garment inlaid with twelve types of colored gemstones. Each gemstone was thought to represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel from the Old Testament, and each are associated with one of the Twelve Apostles. Later, the twelve gemstones of Aaron’s breastplate developed alternative modern concepts, such as astrological and birth gemstones.

The use of astrological gemstones in jewelry was first witnessed in the birthstone jewelry of 15th century Poland. Centuries later, the United States formalized a modern birthstone list defined by the Jewelers of America Organization (JA). Today, gemstones have deeper meanings owing to the modernization and acceptance of birthstones by millions of people all around the world. The concepts surrounding the use of gemstones in jewelry are often spiritual or therapeutic. Many gemstones are even believed to possess the energy and ability to aid in holistic and alternative

About The Joy of Jade Jewelry

Jade is not only beautiful, but is a durable and versatile material that can be fashioned into a wide variety of jewelry items, from intricate carvings and pendants, to earrings, rings, bangles and simple beads. Jade is suitable for high jewelry designs with rubies, diamonds and yellow or white precious metal, and also for more simple, tribal-style items. There are two main varieties of jade; jadeite and nephrite. The colors of jade vary greatly and include white, yellow, lavender, pink, green and even black. Jade has been treasured since the days of ancient China and is prized in countries all over the world, from New Zealand to Hong Kong. However, as jade becomes rarer, its price is rising.

One of the most famous pieces of jadeite jewelry is the “Hutton-Mdivani Necklace”. The necklace is made up of twenty-seven large jadeite beads. The platinum and yellow gold clasp contains rubies and diamond baguettes. This was added to the necklace by Cartier at the request of Barbara Hutton’s father. The necklace was then given to Barbara as a wedding gift when she married Prince Alexis Mdivani from Georgia. At the time, Barbara Hutton was one of the wealthiest women

About Indian Kundan Gemstone Jewelry

The Sanskrit word, “kundan” means “gold”. Traditional kundan jewelry is gemstone jewelry set into 24 karat gold. The style originated in Gujarat and Rajasthan during the Mughal Empire. Mughal jewelry designs became so popular that they spread to other parts of India. An example of such influence can be seen in the jewels of the Nizams of Hyderabad. The fusion of Mughal Islamic art and Indian goldworking is what makes kundan jewelry unique. The intricate crafting skills required to produce kundan jewelry have been honed by generations of expert Indian craftsmen.

Crafting kundan jewelry involves first making a thin, gold sheet setting, which will be the base for the piece of jewelry. Next, resin (usually a tree sap known as “lac”) is used to place the gems onto the sheet of gold. More gold foil is then inserted around the sides of the gems in layers, and it may be heated to join it all. Finally, the framework is welded to the base with more gold and then the piece is cleaned up. Kundan jewelry may also employ enameling to embellish the reverse side. This is known as “meenakari” and is done by first engraving the metal

The Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is known as an extremely strong silvery white metal. Its name comes from the mythical Greek Titans, who were giants of great strength. Its name was assigned by Martin Heinrich Klaproth after titanium was discovered in Cornwall (UK) in 1791 by William Gregor. However, titanium was not produced in a pure form until 1910 when Matthew A. Hunter invented a method to produce 99.9% titanium. This method became known as the “Hunter Process”.

One of the most famous titanium pieces is the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, which is covered in sections of bright titanium. The whiteness of the compound titanium dioxide is useful in the production of white pigments. As well as being light in color, titanium is also very lightweight, which is surprising due to its incredible strength. Because of the combination of titanium’s light weight and superior strength, titanium alloys have become very useful in the aerospace industry and other spheres, including medicine and jewelry. Also, because titanium jewelry has such low density, it is one of the most comfortable metals when it comes to wearability.

Due to its strength and durability, titanium is popular for men’s wedding bands.

Express Yourself with A Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry trends come and go, but some things will never go out of fashion, such as white diamonds, blue sapphire, red ruby and green emerald. Over the years, a trend has been emerging for bolder styles and rather than allowing jewelry to define them, customers would like to express their individuality with jewelry. This means that people are shifting from allowing a brand to identify them to forging their own identity with custom-made jewelry and brands that best portray their personality, hopes and dreams.

Jewelry has been worn as a status symbol since ancient times, when gold, platinum, silver and gemstones were reserved for members of the elite and the most sumptuous jewels were worn by royalty. Later, celebrity culture gave rise to jewelry of the rich and famous being showcased on red carpets and other events. Reproductions of incredible gemstone jewelry were sought after by those wishing to show that they could also afford fabulous fashions. The connotations of certain brands allowed people to associate themselves with certain aspired-for qualities, whether it was beauty, wealth or something else.

In recent years, there seems to have been a transition from wearing jewelry of a particular brand

Here A History of Thai Silver Jewelry

Thailand is world-famous for its exceptional silver and fine artisanal jewelry designs. The history behind Thailand’s well-developed silver market runs deep through many generations of Thai people. Originally, the majority of Thailand’s silver craftsmanship was for the production of fine silverware and decorative items such as trays, ladles and bowls. Through modernization, the industry brought about a shift in demand for finer silverwork and jewelry design.

The northern region of Thailand is most famous for the production of fine silverwork and jewelry, though silver craft is also abundant throughout Central and Southern Thailand. Northern Thai silver is renowned for its high level of purity (often up to 99.9%), and for its fine craftsmanship, typically featuring unique and intricate ethnic detail. The detailing of silver designs native to Northern Thailand incorporates many techniques, encompassing influences from ancient Hindu metalworkers, as well as Burmese refugees, Shan tribes and various hilltribes of Northern Thailand and the surrounding area.

The early Hindu settlers of Thailand were highly skilled in the art of metal-crafting. Although gold was their preferred medium, the ancient Hindu civilizations had a great influence on Thailand’s silver craft as well. As Hindu traders slowly made their way

About Gold Alloys Jewelry

Jewelry design today has evolved in both innovation and technique. What once started out as a simple craft has now truly become a complex form of art. Modern jewelry includes simple designs featuring colored stones, seashells wrapped in leather or set in bone, and fine precision-cut gems carefully cast into colored gold, channeled with brilliant melee diamond accents. In the jewelry industry, gem settings or mountings are known as ‘jewelry findings’, and when most people think of ‘findings’, gold is almost always the first material to come to mind. Gold’s stability makes it ideal for jewelry since it is one of the few noble metals that are resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Gold is one of the most popular and traditional jewelry-making materials, but in its purest form, it is rather soft and therefore not ideal for most jewelry designs. For most of time, pure gold has been the standard and it still is in many Asian countries. But through innovation, jewelry trends have evolved – bringing about the introduction of various elements fused with gold or ‘gold alloys’.

Many consumers are often surprised to learn that pure gold settings are rarely seen in jewelry findings

Dark Crystals Jewelry Information

The term “goth” or “gothic” has several meanings: Germanic people of the early Christian era (Goth/Gothic), an unrefined or barbaric person, or a follower of a particular style of music and fashion. Gothic rock is an alternative sub-genre which developed after punk in the 1970s. Religious motifs, especially Celtic crosses and ankh signs are popular gothic motifs. Similar to rock style, these may be worn as occult symbols. Pioneers of goth music include bands such as Joy Division, The Cure and Sioxsie and the Banshees. Gothic rock is characterized by darkness, introspection and romanticism. Along with the music scene came a goth subculture sometimes confused with “emo”, which came later. Typical goth fashions are pale skin, kohl-lined eyes, dark clothing, hair and nail polish, and red or dark lips. The clothing could be seen as a mix of Victorian, Vampire movies and punk style. Colors favored by goths include deep red, electric blue, purple and deep green. Lace and velvet are popular fabrics when it comes to goth-style clothing.

Gothic style is not all about death and darkness, goths also embrace romanticism, particularly the 18th century art and literary movement, which focused on intense emotion, and includes

Hand Jewelry Beauty Bracelets

The line between types of jewelry and where they are worn is continually blurring as jewelers come up with innovative new designs. One such trend is hand jewelry, which was seen on the hands of Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lawrence. These hand accessories then spread to other gemstone jewelry lovers. Traditionally, only rings were worn on the hands and bracelets on the wrists. However, contemporary designs are made to be worn over the palm of the hand. These are referred to variously as hand cuffs, hand bracelets, palm cuffs, handlets or palm bracelets.

Some fashionistas wear their hand bracelets along with rings and bracelets, so that the hand bracelet sits between the two. Hand bracelets may also match a ring or bracelet and be sold as part of a set. Hand bracelets may even incorporate a ring and bracelet, like the Indian or Middle Eastern-style chain jewelry. These are slightly different to the trending hand bracelets, since the chain only runs over the palm between the bracelet and ring, rather than hugging the palm. Some jewelry lovers are of the opinion that a hand bracelet is a statement piece that should not

The GemSelect Jewelry

We at GemSelect have successfully sold loose gemstones for over ten years now, and one if the things that we are always asked by customers is whether we can provide ready-made jewelry as well as settings and semi-mounts. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we are offering unique jewelry that is fashioned from our loose natural gemstones and designed and made in-house. We have been working closely with our in-house professional jewelry designer to create new and exciting colored gemstone jewelry products. Each piece of GemSelect jewelry is designed from artistic inspiration and imagination. The designer first observes the gemstones and makes preliminary sketches around the gems, to document the idea and plan the design, before the precious metals and natural colored gemstones are crafted into an individual wearable product. Since these products are made from natural gemstones, each and every item is one-of-a-kind.

GemSelect jewelry includes ready-to-wear colored gemstone necklace pendants. These are not simple, mass-produced pieces of jewelry, but are intricately designed for the particular gemstones that they display, so that they take into account the gemstone properties, colors, shapes and styles that are suitable. For example, fancy-shaped gemstone cabochons require a little imagination

About Gemstone Necklace Pendants

Pendants are one of the easiest jewelry items to wear; they are simply threaded onto a necklace. A pendant can be affordable or valuable; tribal style or formal; a statement piece or delicate, and any color you like. Any kind of gemstone can be used in a pendant, from cabochons to faceted gems. The necklace itself can be short or long, and made from leather, string, beads, steel or precious metal. Moreover, one necklace can have a single pendant or several. Pendants can feature a single gemstone, or numerous gems. Additionally, pendants are ideal for any kind of gemstone, since they do not usually undergo hard knocks like rings and other items of jewelry.

When choosing a gemstone for a pendant, it is important to consider the kind of setting. For example, a half-drilled gem would be suitable for a capped pendant that will be set onto a post, such as a pearl. Drilled gems such as briolettes make good pendant stones. These can be capped so that the hole is not seen, or may be simply threaded onto the necklace. For wire-wrapped pendants, any shape, size and cut of loose gem can be used. Wire-wrapping is